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Why Constant Contact?

Since we've formed this partnership with Constant Contact, we've had a few people ask "out of all the email marketing solutions why Constant Contact?"...and that is a very good question. You see there are a lot of good solutions out why did we choose Constant Contact? 


It's hard to beat the pricing. You get unlimited email sends up to 15,000 contacts! All this for a low monthly cost of $7.50. This plan would normally cost over $100/mo! Now that's a deal! 


We've created 8 customizable FCA branded email templates. All you need to do is add new pictures and text and your off and running! We also plan to continue to release new templates throughout the year. As soon as we release them you'll automatically have them available in your template library. 


We're creating professional looking graphics that you can upload to your Constant Contact account and use on your newsletters. In fact, we just released 6 new headers that you can use! If you haven't seen them yet, you can check them out here. If you want a newsletter that gets opened, then having great looking graphics is a necessity!

Future API  

If all that wasn't good enough, then consider this the "icing-on-the-cake". Constant Contact has an API. You may be wondering what an API is. API stands for Application Programming Interface. So how does that help us? This will allow us to integrate Constant Contact with our internal management systems. Meaning down the road you'll be able to pull in contacts to your account directly from CRM and other applications! With the API, you'll be able to better manage your contacts and relationships.

For example, using the API you'll be able to easily run a report on all coaches that attended your last event and have it automatically create a list in Constant Contact based on that data. You will be able to easily pull information on donors, event attendee's, camp attendee's, volunteers, etc... and have those lists automatically created in Constant Contact. Data flows seamlessly back and forth between Constant Contact and our FCA database.

We're excited about this partnership with Constant Contact, and now you can see why! We believe this will dramatically change the way you communicate with the people in your circle of influence, and will help foster and grow those relationships. You can see more details or sign up to start using Constant Contact today, by clicking the button below.


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