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Webinar: Inside webFCA

Webinar: Inside webFCA

This video is a recorded webinar that will show you some of the great features that come with the webFCA 2.0 system and how staff are utilizing them on their local websites.


Webinar: Inside webFCA from FCA on Vimeo.

You can download the presentation in a Word Document Here

Webinar Discussion & Application:

  • WYSIWYG Editor (10 min): Explore the different features of the WYSIWYG editor and see how those features change the way your content appears on your website.
  • Blog (2 min): How could you use the Blog functionality on your website to organize and administer content.
  • Photo Gallery (10 min): Do you have any photos on your camera, computer, or phone that you could use on your website? Take some time to upload some of these to your Photo Gallery on your website.
  • Form Builder (2 min): How could you utilize the form builder on your website? Some example forms include: Contact Us, Event Registration Forms, Submit a Testimony, Volunteer, etc...
  • Video (10 min): How can video enhance your site? Go to or and try embedding a video to your website. (click HERE to learn how)
  • Calendars (2 min): What events do have coming up that could be on a calendar on your website? Examples: Fields of Faith, See you at the pole, weekly huddle meetings, Banquets, Rallies, etc...