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[webFCA Training] How to Use the Staff Page Code Generator that Links to an Individual Staff Page

[Note: There are two Staff Page code generators. This one links to a separate page (presumably for that Staff person) when you click on a Staff person. The other one opens a pop up box (a modal) when you click on said Staff person.]


1. You have to have the right page template selected. Recommended templates are those with multiple columns (6 or three columns), however this tool will scale regardless of the template chosen.

2. Go to Enter the information for one Staff person and click SUBMIT. It will generate code for one Staff person at a time. So you will be using the code generator once for each Staff person.

3. After you've entered your info into the code generator and clicked SUBMIT, you have to copy the output code and then paste that code into a text element on your Staff page. You will create a new text element for each Staff person (click here to learn how to create a text element).

 4. Paste in the code. You have to paste it in in CODE VIEW.




Then click SAVE at the bottom.


5. You should be redirected to the page that you're applying the changes to, where you should see your changes! It's always a good idea to look at your page in another browser where you're not logged in, and also to check it on mobile to make sure it looks good. And be sure to click on each Staff person to make sure everything is working. As always, please let us know if anything is not working! Click here to send us an email.