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webFCA Form Submissions: How To Change Who Receives Submissions

Hi! I'm Grant, the new manager of webFCA. I'm filling the role of Dan Andres, working directly under Danny Burns.

This post will show you how to change who receives form submissions from forms that you’ve created using the form builder.

Step #1:

Log in to your site

Step #2:

Go to the form. If you haven’t yet created the form, select “Add”...

... then "Form". 

Step #3:

Select "Edit Form”

Step #4:

Select “Form Settings”

Step #5:

Select “Email Notification”. Separate email addresses with a comma if using multiple email addresses.

Step #6:

Select “Save Form” in the lower right hand corner.

That’s it!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing me at

May God bless you in your work to expand his dominion.