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WebFCA Calendar Enhancements

Manage Your Events

WebFCA users who publish a calendar of events on their websites will be excited about the new Manage Events feature. Similar to Manage Posts for blogs, Manage Events gives you a listing of all of that calendar element’s events. To view the Manage Events page, go to the page with the calendar element and select Manage Events from the Calendar element’s dropdown menu.

You can sort the Manage Events grid by clicking a column heading. Filter the events in the grid by entering a search term in the Search field located at the upper right corner. You can also specify the number of events to display in the grid by selecting the number from the Show dropdown list in the upper left corner. If the calendar has more events than you choose to display, use the Next and Previous links in the bottom right corner of the grid to page forward and backward through the events.

Manage Posts

The Blog element's Manage Posts page now includes the same features that were introduced on the Manage Events page listed above. This includes sorting, filtering, and pagination.

It’s About Time!

Event time! You can now specify an end time for an event. Previously, you could set only the event start time. To set up start and end times for an event, enter them in the time section of the event settings page.


Display the Time in Event Summaries

Previously, event times only displayed on the event's detail page. Now, both the start time and end time can be displayed in event summaries in list or calendar view.

  • List View
  • Calendar View

A check box on the calendar element settings specifies if this calendar should list the start and end times for events.

The "Display event time" will be unchecked for any existing calendars. For new calendars, Display event time will be checked by default.


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