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You no longer have to be a Geek to speak the lingo. Geek to Speak is defining web jargon in way that you can understand it! Just pick a word to the right to see an easy to understand definition.


Term: Blog
Def: A blog simply put is a web log. You can think of it as a personal journal or as a way to communicate to others. A journal entry in your blog is called a post and it is a place where you can display your content in an organized and chronological way. With a blog, readers have the possibility to leave comments on your posts. Some FCA staff use blogging to share a daily/weekly devotional. Others use it to keep people up-to-date on their local ministry. There are many different uses for a blog, and it can be a very powerful and effective ministry tool. The best part is... your webFCA 2.0 web site comes with a built in blogging option!


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