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Joshua V2 Update

Fill out the form below and we will update your website to latest version of Joshua. Even if you're already on V2, if you want to beta test some of the newest features, just fill this form out (and maybe leave a comment that you want to beta test the latest features).

And if you're coming from the Exodus template or Joshua V1, that's great! Just fill out the form and we'll get you set up with the latest we have.


-Joshua V2 Overview Video-

If you haven't already seen it, watch the overview video for Joshua V2:



Here are a few things to review before your website is updated to the new Joshua V2 Template. After you've reviewed the information below, fill out the form at the bottom to schedule a time for the Joshua template to be uploaded and applied to your site.


You must be on the webFCA system

If you're updating from Exodus, you will need to rearrange your content.

 If you're updating to Joshua V2 from the original Joshua template, there's no need to rearrange your content!


You will need to update existing widgets with the new Joshua V2 widgets if you are updating from the Exodus template.