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  • Feature Allyson Felix on Your webFCA Site

    To get your homepage to look like the screenshot above, simply click here to email me (please email me if you're thinking about it! I'd love to make the change). If that link doesn't work for you, just shoot an email to I will make sure your site is updated with the latest version of the Joshua Template, and will add the code necessary to make your homepage look like the screenshot above.

  • [webFCA Update] LightCMS Updated Their Text Editor and Media Manager

    LightCMS updated their text editor and media manager.Click here to read the post on LightCMS's blog:'ve updated the training posts that have been affected by this change.If you have any trouble with the new editor just let me know by emailing it looks like a good change to the user interface.

  • [webFCA Training] How to Use the Social Media Customizer

    1. You have to be using the latest version of the Joshua template. If you aren't, click here and fill out the form on that page.

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