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What Exodus Can Do For You

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What Exodus Can Do For You

One of the advantages of being on webFCA 2.0 is that the Digital Ministry Team will be rolling out new features, templates, graphics, widgets, etc...for staff to use on their local web sites. Our latest development is what we like to call Exodus! Exodus is creativity at its finest, and is now being released to you!

What is Exodus?

Exodus simply put is a new web site template designed for webFCA 2.0 users. Think of it like's still the same system (webFCA 2.0) that we know it love, but now we added a new and improved skin to it! We love it!...and we think you will too!

New Features:

  • An updated and more modern look and feel
  • New and improved page layouts
  • More flexible navigation
  • Homepage video walk-through
  • The Code Generator:

If you are on webFCA 2.0 then you know that you are somewhat limited to the degree that you can really customize your web site. This was the driving force behind the creation of The Code Generator, which is a stand out feature on the new Exodus Template. The Code Generator gives you the power to easily change things like headers, background colors, themes, fonts and other features on each individual page of your web technology background required! The only requirement is that you are already on the webFCA 2.0 system.

Check out the new template Here

Check out The Code Generator Here


Do I have to switch systems again?
Nope! The great thing about Exodus is that it is on the same system that you are used to (webFCA2.0), so you don't have to learn a new system. Think of your system as an iphone, and Exodus as a bright, new, shinny case! The backend is the same, however the way it appears to visitors will look different. It's a new skin that we can easily apply to your site!

So will it keep my current content or will I have to do that all over again?
All of your content will be still be there! Since Exodus is a new "skin" then it basically just lay's on top of your content. However, since exodus has different layouts that you can apply to each page, then it can potentially scramble the content on each page. The good thing about the webFCA 2.0 system is that it has never been easier to drag and drop your content back in the right place.

How long will it take?
It takes only a couple minutes to upload and apply the new template to your site, and then you are good to go! You may want to budget some time to arrange your content back into its correct place.

What's the cost?
The cost is free! It's just one of the many new things we plan to roll out for all webFCA 2.0 users to take advantage of!

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1. Sarah Taylor wrote:
I need few reviews about webFCA 2.0 anyone use before if anyone have experience about it please describe in video tutorial.

Mon, December 17, 2018 @ 4:15 AM

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