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Social Media Feeds

Many of us have links to our Social Media on our websites, but did you know that you can pull your Social Media feeds and have them display right on your site! Here's a quick way that you can get Facebook and Twitter feeds on your site.


Facebook has a list of all kinds of different plugins that you can use on your website. However, the one you will most likely want to use is the "Like Box". The like box is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain likes from their own website. The like box enables people using your website to do the following:

  • See how many people like the Page, and which of their friends like it, too
  • Read recent posts from the Page
  • Like the Page with one click, without needing to visit the Page.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to:
2. Enter in your FB Page URL and make any other custom tweaks that you want (you may want to change the width)
3. Click "Get Code" at the bottom
4. Click "IFRAME" at the top of the plugin code box
5. Copy the iframe code and paste it on the HTML side of a text element.


Twitter only has one widget that you can use, but you can use it in a variety of different ways. You can pull in your twitter feed, or you can pull in a feed based on a hashtag (#). 

Follow these steps:

1. Go to: (make sure you are logged in to your Twitter account)
2. Click "Create New" at the top of the Widgets box
3. Insert your username (it may already be there) or click the "Search" tab to search for a specific hashtag (#) and it will generate a feed for you to pull in based on that hashtag. You can also make other custom tweaks in the "Configuration" area
4. Click the "Create Widget" button at the bottom
5. Copy the generated code at the bottom and paste it on the HTML side of a text element

You may not always get the widget to look or display exactly the way you want the first time...and that's okay. You can simply go back and make the necessary adjustments to the widget and then copy and paste the code on to your website again. 

Have Fun!