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Skype for business is Microsoft Lync

Skype for Business is Microsoft Lync!
You may notice that an icon on your desktop has changed! Microsoft purchased Skype then converted users to Skype for Business. It basically works exactly the same. A couple of differences are:

  • When placing an audio call, in addition to clicking the call button, click the Skype call popup.
  • You have the ability to restrict attendees from being able to use their video. Where a weaker strength internet is being used, it is best not to use video.
  • On Macs, it remains Microsoft Lync.
  • If you have downloaded the app, it should convert during an update. 

If you have any issues, please contact Support Services 1-800-289-0909. If you need training on using Skype/Lync, contact Debbie Jobe, Field Tech Trainer