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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Q: What if I need more pages?
A: We can easily upgrade you whenever you’d like. Just give us a call, email, or instant message.

Q: Will I lose all the information on my existing website?
A: You will not lose your information. Because the websites are on different systems, your old website will still be accessible as you work on your new website. You will however have to “copy/paste” your content from your old site to your new site. However, we strongly recommend you use this upgrade as an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your website. You don’t have to bring all your content over, just the content you actually need.

Q: Will we still work with Vertical Symmetry?
A: Yes. Vertical Symmetry continues to provide our credit card processing and event management solutions. While they will not be able to support your website specifically, the Online Ministry team at the National Support Center is ready and willing to help.

Q: Do I have to upgrade?
A: If you would rather not upgrade, you are free to stay with the current system. However, there are many benefits to the new system and all future enhancements, features and content will be developed for the new system.

Q: If I upgrade will I be charged for both systems?
A: Once you upgrade you will no longer be charged for the old system (webFCA 1.0). However, during the upgrade process, as soon as you get access to the new system (webFCA 2.0) you will be charged a pro-rated amount for the rest of that months billing cycle. If you do not have your site fully transitioned on to the new system before the next billing period of the old system (usually around the 10th of every month) then you could potential pay for both websites. See diagram below: