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Password Protected Pages

As children, we learn the importance of passwords. Who doesn't remember playing as a child and asking "What's the password?" before granting permission to enter a room, a clubhouse, or even a password protected page. What? A password protected page? That's right! Adults and kids alike will love this new feature.

Password Protected Pages

Granted, you may not want to password protect a page to keep your little sister out, but password protection on website pages enables you to restrict access to certain pages of your site, granting access to only those visitors who know the password. Of course, you've always been able to restrict access by creating Users and Roles, but we've had many requests for a quick and easy way to restrict access without having to create a user.

Plus, it's so easy to use

To enable the feature, simply go to a page’s settings and select the Advanced tab. Enter a password in the Password field, and that page becomes password protected. It's really that easy. As you might guess, to unprotect a page, you clear the password from the field.

When a visitor attempts to access a protected page, the system displays the Protected Page message and requires the visitor to enter the password before it will display the page.

Registered users assigned to an administrative role, or any role that grants editing privileges for the page, can access the page without having to enter the password, as long as they are logged in.


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