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New Pricing + More Options

These days it seems like the cost of everything is going up. Gas, groceries, utilities, internet, your pet Fido's dog food... you name it! It's no denying that things have been on the rise.

The good news is, that's just not the way we like to operate. We're rolling out new webFCA plans and pricing! This means more variety and better price points. As we update your website to the new myFCA donation system you website cost automatically drops by $10! For the majority of webFCA users that's around 25% savings on your monthly website bill without even lifting a finger. Now that's something to be geeked about!

On top of that we've introduced a new website plan that now allows you to get 10 pages on your website for only $19 a month. This is a perfect option for new staff or staff on the existing free plan who are looking to expand their website but don't want a high monthly charge.

So what's next?

Check out the new pricing and plans by clicking the button below. If you currently have a website on the webFCA system then there is nothing you need to do. As soon as we update your website donation page to the myFCA donation system then your monthly cost will be automatically adjusted.

If you're currently on the free (3 pages) website plan and want a donation section on your site then you can now easily add it for free (see instructions).

Be sure to check out the new pricing and plans. If you have any questions you can email me at 

See New Pricing