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New myFCA Donation System

Most websites have been updated to the new myFCA donation system, and we want you to get the most out of it. It's now easier than ever to add additional donation links to staff or areas right on your website. If we've updated the donation page on your website then you'll now see new content and links to your individual pages on the myFCA donation system.

With the new myFCA donation system, you now have the ability to completely manage and update your donation page. We'll initially setup the page for you, and then you'll have the ability to make any changes as needed. In fact, we encourage you to make changes!

To learn more about the myFCA system and how it works with your website, you can check out the myFCA Training Page.

We're excited for how myFCA will benefit your fundraising efforts in the field and give donors access to a variety of tools.

(*if you don't know if your website has been updated then most likely it hasn't, but we will be getting to it soon. Everyday more and more websites are being transitioned and we'll let you know when yours is done.)