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Joshua v2 FAQ's

Does Joshua V2 delete my current content?

No. The new Joshua V2 Template will not delete your existing content. 

Is Joshua V2 a different website system (CMS)?

No. Joshua V2 is more like an remodel to your existing website. All the functionality of the system is the exact same. We just updated the design to match the new

How long does it take to update?

It really depends on you. You just let us know when you want the new Joshua V2 template applied to your website and we'll make it happen. The biggest decision you'll have to make is what to do with your hero unit.

What are the Joshua V2 Tools?

The Joshua V2 Tools will allow you to further customize the look/feel of your website, using buttons or social media icons.

How do I start the update to Joshua V2?

Fill out this form: We will update your site and be in touch!

Does Joshua V2 cost anything?

Absolutely NOT! It's just one of the many way's that we are working to make your web experience even better.

Is Joshua V2 Mobile Responsive?

You bet it is! This means that your website will look different (in a good way) depending on the device that it's being viewed on. More and more people are browsing your website from mobile devices like smart phones & tablets. Now your website will look amazing on all devices!

What's new with Joshua V2?

There are a lot of new things that come with the Joshua template. Here are few:

  • Updated Look/Feel
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Hero Unit

Do I have to upgrade to Joshua V2?

No you don't. You have complete freedom to stay on the template that is currently on your website. However, there are a lot of new tools and functionality that come with the Joshua V2 template that will not work on your older template.

Can my site be automatically updated?

Not right now, but hopefully we will have this set up soon!

Why is it called Joshua V2?

We retained the "Joshua" name to make the update process easier for Staff. With the name staying the same, content doesn't have to be rearranged all over the site.