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Grant Yost

I'm a Christian who thinks that to be a disciple is to be obsessed with Jesus. All things are from, through, and to Jesus. Not the gospel, not the church, not grace. All of those things are good and are from him. But it is Jesus who is the beginning and end of all things. We read the Bible not (primarily) so we know how to do things, like interacting with the church or doing ministry, but to know Jesus. And we worship him and become like him, and what we do flows from who we are, being conformed into his image as sons of God. May his glorious dominion expand within us and those we come in contact with, and may his Word be our light.


Yost (mostly in college)

Favorite Thing About Technology

Constant technological innovation means there is a lot of change. That can be good or bad. May it be for good in those around us.

Hidden Talent


Favorite Super Power & Why

Flying because it's awesome

Greatest Fear

Being deceived in an ultimate sense

Manager of webFCA