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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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November 2-4 (Saturday-Sunday)


Kiawah Island, South Carolina - The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island and Osprey Point


All participants will be hosted in Three Bedroom Villas at Kiawah


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Registration Options

$150 per person / $600 per team

Platinum Sponsor ($5,000)

  • Naming rights to the event
  • Recognition as the main event sponsor on front entry sign and banquet hall sign
  • Special recognition at event
  • Four golfers included
  • Charitable contribution to FCA

Gold Sponsor ($1,500)

  • Recognition sign on Golf Hole
  • Four golfers included
  • Charitable contribution to FCA

Silver Sponsor ($1,000)

  • Recognition sign
  • Charitable contribution to FCA

Bronze Sponsor ($750)

  • Recognition sign
  • Charitable contribution to FCA

Hole Sponsor ($500)

  • Recognition sign on Golf Hole
  • Charitable contribution to FCA

FCA Handicap System

  • The FCA Scramble handicap system will be used at the championship to determine the division winners.
  • All participants must have either an official USGA handicap index or know their approximate score for 18 holes of regulation golf, which must be verified.
  • Each player’s FCA handicap will be determined by the FCA handicap system listed below.
  • The team’s total handicap index will be determined by adding the plus (+) handicaps and subtracting any negative (-) handicaps.
  • 80% of the team’s total handicap will be used for competition.  The team’s FCA handicap must total no more than minus seven (-7).  If a team total is more than -7, the team will be assigned only a (-7). The Team Table is listed on page 2 of this document.

USGA Index
Avg Score 18 Holes
FCA Handicap
20 and up
101 and up
15.0 - 19.9
93 - 100
10.0 - 14.9
86 - 92
5.0 - 9.9
81 - 85
2.0 - 4.9
76 - 80
0 - 1.9
71 - 75
all + indexes
70 and lower