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FCA Camps

Requirements & Details: You will need to agree to the requirements below:

  • The Registration Page Will Take 1 Week for Completion
  • You Will Need to First Certify Your Camp Through TeamNet
  • Use the provided Permission Waiver Form Mail Merge Document to print your forms completed online.
  • You have three options for payment: 
    • Deposit
    • Full Amount
    • Deposit & Auto-Charge Original Card At Later Date Determined by You The Remaining Balance. (One-Time)
  • At this time, there are no accounts created by parents or campers.
  • Any edits that need to be made to your form need to be sent to for completion.
  • We will not be allowing changes to the look of the page. Any graphics you have for the camp will need to be marketed on your local website prior to filling out the form.

Cost/Fees: There are standard costs/fees that are associated with online events.

  • $0.99 per participant - when paying by credit card
    • Standard credit card processing fees are around 3% per transaction
    • You can have your ORG be charged the fee.
    • OR
    • You can have the fee charged to the camper upon checkout.
    • Please select the option below.