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You no longer have to be a Geek to speak the lingo. Geek to Speak is defining web jargon in way that you can understand it! Just pick a word to the right to see an easy to understand definition.


Term: CSS
Def: CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which is probably gibberish to most of us. So let's break down the terms

Cascading: A waterfall or a series of small waterfalls over steep rocks.

Style Sheets: A term extended from print publishing to online media, a style sheet is a definition of a document's appearance.

Putting it all together: CSS is like the flow of water over a waterfall. Just as the rocks at the bottom of a waterfall shape the flow, look and feel of a stream, so the content (code) at the bottom of the style sheet is what can dramatically change the look and feel of the site.

Wrap-up: Every web page has a style sheet. The style sheet is then edited by developers to determine the look and feel of a web page. A web style sheet is intended to cascade through a series of web pages, like a river over a waterfall.

How does this help us?... A single style sheet can be applied to an entire site. Meaning, that if we need to make changes that we want to affect the way every site on the webFCA 2.0 system looks and feels (its style), then we can do that from one sheet, in one place!


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