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webFCA 2.0: Cost Breakdown

Plan Pages Storage Users Cost
FCA Starter 3  25mb 1 $0
FCA Lite 10 1gb 1 $19/mo
FCA Plus 25 2gb 10 $29/mo
FCA Pro 50 6gb 20 $49/mo
FCA Unlimited 12gb 30 $69/mo

The homepage and any inner pages (subpages) are considered "Pages" on the website.  The homepage is the main screen a visitor sees when they come to your site. Any items on the navigation bar are considered an Inner page. An example using the FCA Starter package (3pages) would be to have Home, About Us, and Donate. Each one of these would be its own page, and would be the max number of pages on the FCA Starter package.

It's like the size of the attic of your house. Pictures, Documents, Video, and Audio take up the most storage on your website. So you may be many pictures does 25mb hold? Since the size of pictures can vary based on the quality/resolution of the image, then there is no set number. However, with a "standard" size image you could potentially hold 10-20 pictures.

This is how many people can have login access to your site. Users can also be given certain roles on your website so that they only have access to edit certain things.

This is a monthly cost that will automatically be billed to your designated org every month.