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Choosing the Right Domain Name (DN)

Choosing an appropriate Domain Name (DN) for your website is a big deal! Your DN is the direct address to your website, and will be on all your marketing materials and all throughout the internet. DN's cost $10.95/year, and we can purchase and manage them for you. An example DN would be For security reasons, we usually recommend getting both the .com and .org DN's for your website.

When picking out a DN, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make it easy to remember: Top-of-Mind Awareness. We want people to hear it and to easily remember it. (good examples:,
  • Make it easy to type: Avoid difficult words and letters. Avoid un-memorable words and sounds.
  • Keep it as short as possible: Makes it easy to remember and easy to type. Plus you can fit it on your business cards and other marketing materials without hassle.
  • Get both .com & .org: Trust me on this... its best to have both! Don't believe me?...Check out this article.
  • Make it intuitive: We want people to hear it and to have a good idea of what it is that you do. (good examples:,
  • Say no to hyphens & numbers: This makes it hard to communicate your DN verbally, and it's difficult to remember. (bad examples:,
  • Make it distinguishable: Don't use letters or a name that sound like some other well known acronym or company.
  • Don't buy the DN: Let us buy it and manage it for you. It benefits everyone in the long run. Plus you don't ever have to worry about renewing them.
  • See if its available: You can check to see if a DN is available and even see who owns an existing DN: WHO IS lookup.

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