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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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The form below is the first step in setting up your camp online.  We will use the information below to set up your online event. We will then give you access to the event so that you can run tests, generate reports, and download registration data...but don't worry, we'll be right with you every step of the way.


Requirements & Details: You will need to agree to the requirements below to utilize local online camp registration.

  • Your Camp Must Be 6 Weeks Out (So we can create it and give you time to adequately promote it)
  • The Registration Page Will Take 1-3 Weeks for Completion
  • You Will Need to First Certify Your Camp Through TeamNet
  • Ensure You Are Collecting Permission Waiver Forms and Mail Them Into the NSC Camp Department After Camp
  • Remember: Using the Events System Will NOT Input Camper Information Into the NSC Camp Database. Understand That You Will Be Responsible for Providing the Camp Department With Required Camp Attendees Names Using the Camp Registration Spreadsheet Found on TeamNet
  • Understand that the event system only collects payments in full: There is no ability for payer/registrant to pay in installments.
  • Any edits that need to be made to your form need to be sent to Zach Johnson ( for completion.  
  • We will not be allowing changes to the look of the page. Any graphics you have for the camp will need to be marketed on your local website prior to filling out the form.

Cost/Fees: There are standard costs/fees that are associated with online events.

  • $0.79 per participant
  • Standard credit card processing fees that range around 3%-3.5% per transaction.

Permission Waiver Forms: Our events system does not allow you to capture online permission waiver forms. We will provide a link in the registration process for a registrant to download the permission waiver form. You will need to collect and manage them via paper - in person at your camp.