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Attention: Domain Name Scam

We have had several reports from webFCA site owners about "phoney bills" or emails relating to your local domain name(s) (e.g.

If you have received a letter in the mail or an email from "Domain Registry of America" (DRoA) or "Domain Renewal Group" urging you to pay them for renewing your domain name, please ignore it. It's a scam, so don't worry about your domain and do not send them any money.

If you have a website through webFCA, then most likely we registered your domain name for you. We automatically renew your domain names every year unless otherwise notified. If you receive unexpected notice about your domain name and aren't sure if it's spam (which more than likely it is) then please reach out to anyone on the Digital Ministry Team and we can verify it's credibility.

Here is an example of what a scam letter or email may look like: Example